Reading Challenges

In addition to my usual Goodreads challenge each year, where I set a goal to read so many books per year, I’ve been excited to start some additional reading challenges as well! I’ve listed them all here for easy access.

2013 Reading Challenges

For 2013, I’ve set my Goodreads goal to 50 books again. I could increase it, yes, but I also have this feeling that I’m going to be busier in 2013 and might not have as much time for reading. So I think ~4 books per month is still a nice goal.

I’ve also decided to participate in the Debut Author Challenge again in 2013. I’m sticking with the goal of 12 debut authors, as is typical, but I’ll do my best to review each one this year.

And the one I’m most excited about is the 2013 Book Bingo Reading Challenge! Read all about it on this post, and see my progress being tracked on this page.

2012 Reading Challenges

2012 Reading Challenge CompletedGearing up for an actual challenge this year, I started with a Goodreads goal of 24 books (double my goal from last year), but by May it was pretty clear that I was going to read way more than 24 books by the end of the year. So I increased by goal to 50. I’m happy to say that I surpassed that goal by 60%, (about a dozen) novellas and companion stories included.

In addition to my Goodreads goal, I also decided to try out the Debut Author Challenge for 2012. The goal is to read 12 YA books that are from debut authors in 2012, and review them all. I read 13, but only reviewed about half of them. I still say I completed the challenge. :P

2011 Reading Challenges

2011 Reading Challenge CompletedIn 2011 I pledged to read 12 books (this was back when I wasn’t reading quite as much, and also wasn’t rally tracking my progress on Goodreads). I finished with 18 books marked as read in 2011.