Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Recommend the Most

Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They love making lists (and I love making lists!) so each week they post a new topic for all of us to make lists about! Isn’t that so super fun?! This week’s theme is…

Top Ten Books I Recommend the Most

Hahaha, I laugh because I know that anyone who knows me could probably guess what the first book on this list will be. I actually don’t think I recommend books all that often, so putting together a list of ten was kind of difficult. Here’s what I’ve got, though.

Cinder, by Marissa Meyer1. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Somehow Cinder has become my number one YA favorite. I think it’s because the world is so vibrant, the characters are so alive, and the story is so damn charming. I can’t get enough! Have you read Cinder? If you haven’t, please read it! (Side note: I think I would die happy if this book series got turned into an anime series.)

2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
The first YA book I absolutely fell in love with. I mean, have you READ this woman’s WRITING? So descriptive, so lyrical. She builds and describes worlds that you can just sink into and want to LIVE in.

3. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
This book is so different and so masterfully written that I fell in love by the time I was done reading the prologue.  It is so well-built, so beautifully written, and so carefully told. Probably my favorite dragon book ever.

4. Grendel by John Gardner
This is one of the few books I have read more than once, and read aloud to my husband. Experiencing the story of Beowulf, but from the perspective of the “monster” was fascinating, and Gardner weaves each word so beautifully into the next that it makes me want to cry.

The Child Thief by Brom5. The Child Thief by Brom
I’ve never been very interested in the Peter Pan fairy tale, but Brom’s version is a masterpiece. Dark, scary, and unforgiving. I devoured this book and when it was finished I only want more and more. Definitely worth a read if you’re looking for a different, scarier take on Peter Pan. OH, and it has some freaking AWESOME illustrations, done by Brom himself.

6. The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson
This book (and series) offered me so many things I wasn’t finding in other YA books. A protagonist I could relate to (she has body image and eating issues), cultures NOT based on white people, and a very unique take on religion and magic. If you’re looking for an engrossing fantasy novel whose protagonist goes through true, believable, thorough changes – look no further.

7. Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink
I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but this series’ premise drew me in like a fish on a line. The idea is just *so* different from anything else out there! I loved that so much focus was on Lia and her goals, which clashed with her sister’s. The whole series had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. And beautifully, carefully written.

Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir, by Julie Flygare8. Insignia by S. J. Kincaid
Talk about the most fun I’ve had while reading a sci-fi novel, probably ever. Kincaid created an intriguing world with COOL THINGS that I wanted to be REAL, and people who were entertaining (if sometimes immature), but also felt REAL. Such an entertaining book.

9. Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson
This one was a book club reading assignment, but it’s turned into one of my favorite books. Stories about people with amnesia are always fascinating to me, and this one takes the whole, giant cake! There are some very elegant passages in this one as well.

10. Wide Awake and Dreaming by Julie Flygare
A memoir about narcolepsy, because I have narcolepsy, and want other people to understand what it’s like. This is the BEST narcolepsy book I’ve found (and trust me, I’ve searched). If you’re not convinced, read my review!

36 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Recommend the Most

  1. At the moment, I’ve already read Cinder (yes!), Daughter of Smoke & Bone (definitely yes), and The Girl of Fire and Thorns (yes yes!),. But a lot of the books on your list I’ve never even heard of, so I’m going to make a note of these titles for later.

    • Woot, you’ve read three of the best! :) Four of those books aren’t YA and one of them is nonfiction, so there is a variety going on up there. I hope you’ll find some more you enjoy, though, from my list! :D

  2. I haven’t read a single. one. of. these. books. I know, I fail! Cinder and Daughter of Smoke and Bone are definitely on my TBR lead because EVERYONE has talked about how amazing they are. I’m just trying to hold off on buying any more books until I finish the ones I have (eek!).

    And then of course there are 8 other books on your list that I haven’t read or heard about. Oh boy. I have my work cut out for me ;) The Girl of Fire and Thorns and Wide Awake and Dreaming both really sparked my interest with your comments!

    • Well! I’m glad to know that you’ll probably be reading at least 4 of the books on my list. Eventually! :) I think maybe I need to start staging giveaways for people who haven’t read my favorite books, just so I can encourage more people to read them!

    • I’m thinking it’s time to change that, too! Daughter of Smoke and Bone is definitely worth the read. Laini Taylor is SUCH a skilled writer! :)

    • I highly recommend Cinder!!! (Couldn’t you tell? Hehe…) I hope you get to read it soon. And if you’re interested in memoirs, or narcolepsy, or just want an interesting read, then yes — please check out Wide Awake and Dreaming. :)

  3. The only book I’ve read from your list is Cinder, and I have to agree, it’s one of my fav’s!! I’ve heard great things about (but not read yet) Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Seraphina, The Child Thief, and The Girl of Fire and Thorns… and I’m adding all the rest to my TBR list, they all sound so good! :D

    My Top Ten…

    • Woohoo, so glad you found several on my list that look interesting to you! For some reason, I’m especially excited that you added The Child Thief to your list. :D

    • Yay! I’d love to see your list, if you didn’t post one. I hope you like Seraphina and Before I Go to Sleep as much as I did. They’re both really great books. :)

  4. I recently purchased Grendel and Before I Go To Sleep… really looking forward to reading these. Glad they come highly recommended! :)

  5. My friend just lent me her copy of Before I Go To Sleep! I need to read that soon! I just added Daughter of Smoke and Bone and The Child Thief to my Goodreads TBR list :D I read The Prophecy of the Sisters way back and wasn’t actually a huge fan. I liked The Diviners instead, which is also a historical-paranormal set in the 1920s in New York City. Definitely check that one out because it has a similar feel to The Prophecy of the Sisters, but it amps up the creeptastic factor.

    • Interesting! What didn’t you like about Prophecy of the Sisters? I’ve actually been shying away from The Diviners because I usually don’t enjoy things set in that time era. One of these days, though, maybe I’ll try it out. Especially after your recommendation.

      • I didn’t like the main character. I was figuring out the story way earlier than her. She just seemed way too ignorant for me. I liked The Diviners because it took the good and bad aspects of the 1920s and integrated into the story, as well as adding a paranormal/occult level with crime and serial killers. It was my favourite book last year besides Cinder.

        • Yeah, I agree that it took her longer to figure things out than it took me, but it didn’t bother me really. (Not nearly the way it bothered me in Something Strange and Deadly!) Man, maybe I should read The Diviners after all! It does sound really interesting.

  6. I’m reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone right now and I LOVE it. Cinder is on my tbr list. Before I go to sleep was glued to my hand while I was reading it but the ending bugged me I like closure! Lots of other interesting books on your list that I need to check out further :)

    • Yay, you’re reading one of my favorites! Before I Go to Sleep was pretty much glued to my hand, too. And I feel you on the ending. It wasn’t the conclusion I was hoping for or expecting, but I liked everything else so much that I guess I let it slide. :)

  7. Ooh, I’ve never heard of The Child Thief before but it sounds AMAZING! Peter Pan + creepy + awesome illustrations? I am v intrigued now.

    • Yes, Elena, it is SO GOOD. My husband picked it up randomly in the bookstore and we were so glad we bought it! Definitely one of my all-time favorites. I hope you love it!

  8. I’ve heard so many good things about Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Seraphina. The cover for Daughter of Smoke & Bone is so BEAUTIFUL!! I better get around to reading those two at some point. Great list Kelley! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. I’ve only read your first three! I LOVED Cinder! Daughter of Smoke and Bone is the only book with I’ve come across that I absolutely adored! And Seraphina is very, very awesome too! I haven’t read any of the others but I recognize a few that have peeked my interest before and are on my TBR, maybe I should bump them up the list. Great list!

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