Spreading YA Love

Celebrate Books and Win 50 Signed YA BooksAuthor Beth Revis is doing this awesome promotion where she’s encouraging everyone to share why they love YA this November. So, why do I love YA?  Oh, let me count the ways.

YA books are immediately accessible. One of the best things about picking up a YA book is that I can get into right away. The characters and situations are often relatable and easy to understand. I’m not saying that other (adult, etc.) books are hard to read; I’m just saying that just about anyone can relate to a young adult protagonist.

There are so many choices in the YA genre. I absolutely love that there is such a variety of stories within YA. I can go from contemporary to sci-fi to dystopian to paranormal, and on and on, all the while seeing the stories from a YA perspective. There is a wealth of young adult books out in the world, so I never run out of books to read!

YA books are especially dynamic. Because YA stories revolve around teens, this means that there is sure to be plenty of emotion, action, intrigue, and drama in them. Maybe they’re not always as profound as adult books, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hold deep emotion within. They are also some of the most colorful, virbrant books I’ve read.

The YA community is flourishing and welcoming. Just picked up your first YA book ever? I bet you anything that a YA-lover who sees you with the book will share the excitement with you. There are tons of YA book bloggers who are all as excited about the books as I am! The authors are especially active in the community, making frequent appearances at book signings, as well as blog tours, online interviews, twitter, etc. It’s easy and fun to get involved!


These are just some of the reasons why I love YA. Why do you love YA?

So, what do YOU think?

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